Club Records Veterans

Listed below are the current holders of Veterans Club Records in their various categories. Any member breaking a Club Record must submit details of their claim to the Race Secretary for ratification by the Committee before inclusion in the Club Handbook.

Claim Forms are available from the Race Secretary.

Club Records – Veterans Mens &Ladies, Veterans Greatest Plus Mens & Ladies

VETERANS  FASTEST                      AGE
10 miles2012N. Stagg4020m 03s
15 miles2018N. Stagg4731m 59s
25 miles2008P. Holdsworth4352m 08s
30 miles1997R. Garlinge451h 05m 26s
50 miles2008P. Holdsworth441h 44m    51s
100 miles2007P. Holdsworth433h  41m 39s
12 hours2007P. Holdsworth43278.04 miles
24 hours2014S. Stow49442.78 miles
10 miles2013J. Wells5223m 04s
15 miles2019J. Wells5840m 30s
25 miles2012J. Bartlett521h  01m 11s
30 miles2007J. Wells461h 16m 35s
50 miles2007J. Wells462h 06m 25s
100 miles2001J. Bartlett514h 28m 22s
12 hours1977E. Brambleby60213.304 miles
24 hours1975E. Brambleby58354.850 miles
10 miles2012Nic Stagg41+  07m  35s
25 miles2012R. Gilmour60+  17m  44s
30 milesTarget Time+  17m  58s
50 milesTarget Time+  34m  27s
100 miles2015Loz Wintergold51+  69m 44s
12 hours2015Loz Wintergold51+  77.37 miles
24 hours2014S. Stow49+    98.83  miles
1h  12m    37s
10 miles2013Miss J. Wells52+  05m    59s
15 milesTarget Time+  12m    06s
25 milesTarget Time+  11m    46s
30 milesTarget Time+  11m    46s
50 milesTarget Time+  24 m 35s
100 milesTarget Time+  52m    26s
12 hoursTarget Time+  41.71    miles
24 hoursTarget Time+  63.13    miles