Club Records Track

Listed below are the current holders of Track Club Records in their various categories. Any member breaking a Club Record must submit details of their claim to the Race Secretary for ratification by the Committee before inclusion in the Club Handbook.

Claim Forms are available from the Race Secretary.

Club Records – Outdoor Track, Aero

Athletes  Records
10 miles2014R. Gilmour23m 49.89s
20 miles2014R. Gilmour47m 48.78s
25 miles2014R. Gilmour59m 49.77s
1 Hour2014R. Gilmour25.072 miles
Aero    Records
5 kms2016L Wintergold7 Min 15.5 s
5 miles2016L Wintergold11 Min 36.8s
10 kms2016L Wintergold14 Min 23.8s
10 miles2016L Wintergold23 Min 06.1s
20 kms2014R. Gilmour28 Min 08.68s
20 miles2016L Wintergold46m 07s
25 miles2016L Wintergold57m 37.8s
30 miles2014R. Gilmour70m 24.14s
50 kms2014R. Gilmour72m 56.25s
1 Hour2016L Wintergold26.022 miles